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Soybean peptide powder Non-gmo soybean is selected as raw material; The character is light yellow uniform fine powder, with good water solubility, water retention, foaming, can be completely dissolved under any PH 2-10 acid and base conditions, and maintain their original physical and chemical and nutritional characteristics.
Pea peptide powder The nutrition in peas is more comprehensive and balanced, carbohydrates account for about 60%‎, which is the main source of energy, while the protein content of peas is second, containing 8 kinds of essential amino acids. Pea peptide powder is an active peptide extracted from peas.
Peanut peptide powder Peanuts are dicotyledonous plants. Peanut peptide powder is made from peanut kernel, peanut meal or peanut protein powder, which is enzymolized, separated, sterilized, spray-dried and packaged into small molecule oligopeptide.
Corn oligopeptide powder Corn is an annual herb, which is rich in protein, fat, vitamins, trace elements, fiber and polysaccharides.
Wheat oligopeptide powder Wheat is the general name of wheat plant wheat oligopeptide is extracted from wheat protein powder protein, and then through enzymatic hydrolysis technology to obtain small molecule polypeptide substance.
Walnut peptide powder Walnut peptide powder is a small molecule which is extracted from walnut protein by using enzymatic hydrolysis technology.
Bitter melon peptide powder Bitter melon its bitter taste, cool, can be cooked, cold mix and other edible. Rich in vitamins and active protein, it is a very good nutritional food. Bitter melon peptide is made from bitter melon by enzymatic hydrolysis, filtration, concentration, sterilization and spray drying.
Ginseng peptide powder Ginseng is a perennial herb in the genus Panax acanthaceae. Ginseng extract is extracted and refined from the root, stem and leaves of ginseng. It contains 18 kinds of ginseng monomeric saponins.
Mulberry leaf peptide powder Mulberry leaves are the dry leaves of the mulberry family. Mulberry leaf peptide powder is made from mulberry leaf as raw material, enzyme preparation as processing auxiliary materials, through pre-treatment, enzymatic hydrolysis, extraction, filtration, concentration, drying, packaging and other production processes.