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Elastin peptide powder Elastin is the main component of elastic fibers, which mainly exist in ligaments and vascular walls. Elastic fibers co-exist with collagen fibers, giving tissues elasticity and tensile ability.
Fish collagen peptide powder Fish collagen peptide, based on fish phosphorus, fish skin, fish bone and other raw materials, it is a polymer protein, is the main part of the skin, rich in proline, hydroxyproline and other collagen proteins needed by the human body.
Oyster peptide powder Oysters, commonly known as oysters, belong to the phylum mollusca and are the largest cultured shellfish in the world. Oysters contain a large amount of protein (45%‎-52%‎), glycogen (10%‎38%‎), vitamins, taurine and trace elements, and are called "milk in the sea".
Sea cucumber peptide powder Sea cucumber is rich in protein, complete in amino acids, sea cucumber peptide has the advantages of strong solubility, good stability, low viscosity, easy digestion and absorption, high biological titer, no antigenicity and so on.
Bird's nest peptide powder Bird's nest is a nest formed by mixing the saliva secreted by several species of swiftlets and their down. The main nutrient in bird's nest is protein, which has one essential amino acid (lysine), 3 hours conditional essential amino acid.
Egg white protein peptide powder Egg white protein contains a variety of essential amino acids, the composition of balanced, egg white protein hydrolyzed into egg white protein peptide by enzyme preparation, the molecular weight of the protein is reduced, the functional properties of the original protein are improved, the sensitivity of the protein is reduced, and the protein is easier to digest.
Silkworm chrysalis peptide powder Silkworm chrysalis not only taste delicious, rich in nutrition, but also extract a variety of chemical raw materials. Silkworm chrysalis protein peptide powder is a new generation of bioactive peptide products, which is processed from fresh domestic silkworm chrysalis using the latest controllable biological enzymatic hydrolysis technology.
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