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Ginseng extract Ginseng is a perennial herb in the genus Panax acanthaceae. Up to 60 cm; Rhizome short, taproot fusiform; Palmate compound leaves 3-6 whorled apex, 3-8 cm long petiole, glabrous.
American ginseng extract American ginseng is a ginseng of the Acanthopanax family. Its roots are cylindrical or spindle shaped. American ginseng was first found in the Montreal area of the Atlantic coast of the jungle, because of the origin of the name, and ginseng is different species.
Codonopsis extract Codonopsis, Codonopsis platycodonopsis, stem base with most tuberculate stalk marks, the roots are often enlarged in the shape of fusiform or fusiform cylinder, less branching or slightly branching surface below the middle yellow.
Astragalus extract Astragalus is a leguminous Astragalus plant. It is cylindrical, some have branches, the upper end is thicker, the surface is light brown-yellow or light brown, and there are irregular longitudinal wrinkles or longitudinal trenches.
Seabuckthorn extract Sea buckthorn is a general term for plants and their fruits. The plant Seabuckthorn belongs to the genus of the Elaeagnus family. Its characteristics are drought resistance, sand resistance, and can survive on salinized land, so it is widely used in soil and water conservation.
Eucommia ulmoides leaf extract The leaves are oval, oval or rectangular round, thin leather, containing rich nutrients, including VB1, VE, β-carotene, 17 free amino acids, germanium, selenium and other 15 trace elements.
Cistanche deserticola extract Cistanche is an annual parasitic plant native to North America and East Asia that grows in sandy soils in the United States and northeastern China.
Dendrobium officinale extract Dendrobium officinale is a perennial herb of the orchid family with erect, fleshy, slightly flat, cylindrical stems.
Cornus officinalis meat extract Dogwood deciduous tree or shrub; The bark is grayish brown; Branchlets fine cylindrical, glabrous. Stone fruit long oval, red to purple; Ribonucleus, narrowly oval, with several irregular rib lines.